Monday, October 14, 2013

Hot Alarm Clock 4.0

  • New kind of countdown timers has been added for alarms and timers: Analog.
  • New "Colors" style has been added so you can customize the color of floating windows.
  • New: Displaying of several months in the Calendar group has been added. The Calendar can be resized.
  • New Info panel to display a list of forthcoming events has been added.
  • New option for synchronizing time via the Internet has been added.
  • New: A status bar has been added in the Reminder window. The buttons on the status bar let you control the current alarm or stop its music.
  • New: Reading aloud of a predefined text when an alarm goes off has been added (Text-to-Speech).
  • New toggle button "Single Line" lets you display rows in the grid in a special way.
  • New button "Customize" invokes the Column Customization drop-down box, which lets you to toggle column visibility.
  • New: Support for the flac audio files has been added. Support for the wav files has been improved.
  • New: The Stay on Top option has been added for the Reminder window.
  • New: The Full Screen button has been added for floating windows and stopwatches.
  • New: A metronome has been added for timers. The new option lets you turn on a metronome a few seconds before the end of countdown.
  • New: Options Duration and Fade out for sound settings of alarms and timers have been added.
  • New types of actions for setting an alarm or timer has been added: Show Tooltip, Sunrise, End process.
  • New: The Test button has been added to the actions setup and sound setup, and also to the Reminder window's settings.
  • New: A warning window that appears before the computer shuts down or enters the sleep mode has been added.
  • New: The ability to display a label and the current time as text has been added for the Analog clock.
  • New: The ability to set a time for an alarm using the mouse has been added.
  • New sounds have been added from
  • New: A link to catalogs of online radio stations has been added (Online radio settings).
  • New button for restoring default settings has been added (Options dialog box).
  • New: Alarm time setup has been added for birthdays.
  • New: The Wake up the computer from a sleep mode option has been added for birthdays.
  • New: Sound setup and Countdown timer setup has been added for birthdays and tasks.
  • New: The ability to copy a timer count to the clipboard and the ability to print the results of stopwatches on a printer have been added.
  • New: The ability to edit the names of Stopwatch Laps.
  • New: Data import from other applications or files has been added.
  • New: Simplified Chinese interface language has been added.
  • Improved the drop-down box for selecting an icon for alarms, timers, etc.
  • Improved: If you hover the mouse over a transparent window, it will become opaque.
  • Improved: If the screen resolution is changed, floating windows will stay within the screen.
  • Improved time updating in floating windows.
  • Improved: The 60-minute limit when setting an alarm via Occurs every X minutes in Daily frequency has been removed.
  • Fixed: Floating windows start blinking when the alarm goes off.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a database was incorrectly restored from a backup copy.
  • Fixed: Issue with the loss of sound.
  • Fixed: When a timer reaches zero, the floating window starts flashing. It can't stop flashing when you set the "(None)" sound.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements.
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  1. Nice improvements. The ability to change the font colour in the digutal clock would be useful [black can be hard to see against a dark background]